Singer/songwriter Melany and her 12-string guitar, "Mr. G," deliver a solid album, dividing the music into two sections: "a.m. (for dancin')", and "p.m. (for chillin')". Consistently bouncy and kid-centered, songs range from an ode to "Cotton Candy," to the plethora of sounds found on "Noises," to a description of an ideal day at "The Circus." Others, such as "Opposites" (an interactive sing-along) and "Clouds" (the water cylce has never been so cleverly presented!) will be useful to teachers. Kids, on the other hand, will find favorites in "Alligator" (an alligator hunt using classics like "Row Your Boat" and "Frere Jacques"), and "Nice Talk," which delivers the message, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all," with humor (by having kids holds their tongues while singing along). In deed, many of the songs here convey a message, whether it is the selflessness of "Look at Others," or the appreciation of the moment found in "Today" and "Brand New Day." A few songs do point to explicitly religious interpretation: "Real Love," for example, espouses a biblical definition of love and even indirect reference to Jesus ("there is a teacher; He is the answer, for 2000 years..."). The album closes with two delightful lullabies: "Mother Prayers" and "Good Night Stars." This album will find a home in nearly any collection, thanks to Melany, who delivers each song with energy and wit.

-- School Library Journal


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